22 Things That The Windows Key Is Useful For


simplehelp.com has a short post about the 22 ways to use the Windows key. Here are 2 Windows key shortcuts that I use often.

  • Windows Key + D: Minimize or restore all windows
  • usually used when there is a need to drag an item from the desktop to another window such as :

    • dragging an mp3 file to Winamp
    • dragging a file to store in another folder
  • Windows Key + E: Launch Windows Explorer
  • running the explorer without using the mouse to click on ‘My Computer’

  • Windows Key + L: Locks the workstation
  • used often to prevent people living in th same house to meddle with my pc, expecially my younger brother.

Thanks to simplehelp.com, I’m gonna start using

  • Windows Key + R: Launch the Run dialog box
  • I use Run often when I want to open up the dos window (type in cmd.exe) and to modify the registry.

Simple Help
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