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BorderWare Technologies specializing in Email compliance softwares have been around the messaging security scene since 13 years ago. They boast of 19 different awards and reviews from professional sites all around the net. From what I understand, BorderWare is more focused on information security of emails. Solutions involve mostly on email security and anti spam. As an ex-employee of a MNC, I can understand why monitoring emails and messages in & out of the company is so important.

Not all employees in an organization is tech-savvy. They may not realize when they have received messages that are spam and not work related. The mail may have links that will bring them to porno or gambling sites. So it’s really important that mails should be scanned for bad links and keywords before reaching the receiver. This process will save the company a lot of time.

Attachments are usually the cause of malwares and viruses. I believe that every email system in the world should have an excellent attachment scanning software to discover and eliminate bad attachments like BorderWare’s MXtreme Mail Firewall. The software solution can also check not only incoming but outgoing mails as well.

BorderWare has other Messaging Security Products that are more specific like firewalls for servers, voip, video conferencing and other appliances. The products will benefit all companies alike by reducing unwanted problems and increasing productivity and efficiency. Check out the products section.

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