12 Things I Do To Keep My Spendings Low And Save More Money


Have you ever been so empty until you feel scared? Well, I have. Since I left my job 7 months ago, I had savings for about 6 months. At first, it was hard adjusting to a new kind of lifestyle. The reminder in my head to be more spending-conscious is there. Everything that I spent on had to be of value to me, if not, I don’t buy it. So, here are 12 things that I do that may help you.

  1. For breakfast, I have bread. A normal sized bread has 14 edible slices, minus the 2 slice ends. Each day, I have 4 slices of bread, 2 slices with a layer of peanut butter, another 2 slices with a layer of jam. The peanut butter and jam can last me for about a month. I alternate between the flavour of the jam every month, so that I don’t get bored.
  2. Price : $25 a month

  3. For lunch, I have rice with 3 side dishes. The food stall is just down the road from my house. Everyday, I’ll walk down myself and have lunch at the place. They serve a variety of dishes (about 30 types) that change everyday. Usually, I either take 3 types of vegetables or 1 vegetable and 1 meat.
  4. Price : $90 a month

  5. For dinner, I eat at home with my family. My mum prepares the food.
  6. Price : $0

  7. I’m a full time blogger. I save money on clothes and fuel. When I left my job, I made sure that I have all the basic things needed before taking the plunge. A working pc and a proper working environment. After that, the only cost I had to think about was the electricity.
  8. Price : $50 a month

  9. I have study loans to pay up. The university I went to was kind of expensive. The suggested monthly repayment price by the loan organization is $350.
  10. Price : $350 a month

  11. I tore up my credit card. At this stage, it was unnecessary to have one. Back when I was using it, I had difficulty tracking my expenses. However, I managed to pay up my credits before it rolled over to the next month.
  12. Price : $0

  13. I go for my once-in-2-months haircut at the local barber shop for only $5. I usually have him shave it bald. Of course it’s more cost efficient to shave it yourself, but the barber shop that I go to includes a back rub and massage. I like it a lot. So I don’t mind paying an average of $2.50 monthly for some pleasure moments.
  14. Price : $2.50 a month

  15. Most of the time, my hair is short. So the shampoo use is minimal. A drop is sufficient to cover the entire scalp. I tried using soap instead, but it didn’t solve my dandruff problem. The shampoo use can be stretched up to nearly a year.
  16. Price : $1 a month

  17. Health is important too. I go for jogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays for half an hour. I think that the gym I’m going to is the cheapest, cleanest and most complete gym around my area. When I was still working, I paid $500 for a 2 year membership. It comes to around $20.83 per month average. I fully utilized every equipment there to pump up some muscles. Of course, I still want to stay attractive at the same time. =P
  18. Price : $20.83 a month

  19. The most important health source that I never ignored were fruits. I made sure that I start with 1 type of fruit each week. For example, I would buy a bunch of bananas with at least 15 pieces or a whole watermelon that will last me for the week. Usually, when you buy wholly, it’s cheaper. Bear in mind that exercise and fruits are 2 of the most important things because you would want to avoid the costs that come with getting sick.
  20. Price : $20 a month

  21. I do laundry 3 times a week. Usually, it’s on Monday and Thursdays. Sometimes, I do Saturdays when I have smelly, sweaty clothes from exercising. The detergent supply can last me for half a year. I go for better quality detergent so that my clothes will maintain their colour and intensity.
  22. Price : $5 a month

  23. Draw from the ATM only when you need it. For example, I draw about $100 a week, so that I have the conscience of saving whenever I peek into my wallet. It makes me think of the value I get in return for the price that I’d be paying. So, control money withdrawals. It helps. However, this doesn’t work if the credit card is still sitting comfortably in the wallet.

Total fixed spendings per month ~ $579.33

What do you do to help yourself save more money?

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