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Collecting all the latest popular URLs from 54 of the coolest sites around, Pop URLs is a one stop latest news portal. Out of the 54 sites featured 18 of them have a list of 18 text URLs to it. The rest are lists of thumbnails.

You can find the 18 popular sites featuring the latest in links. The cool thing is, it allows you to preview the story. As in when I see a URL that I’m interested in, I’ll just hover my mouse over it and it’ll show a preview in the page itself. And if I want to read the whole thing, there’s a little button on the right that takes me directly to the source. The site also enables me to save the link in a scrapbook for later use. Cool.

Imagine all the latest most watched youtube, flickr, ifilm thumbnails being nested in between. Pretty organized as a visitor only needs to scroll from top to bottom as you go along reading. Readability and usability is good.

The rest of the sites are listed as a line of link, unlike the more popular sites where each has 18 lines of URLs. Sometimes the black background colour may not be liked by all. They have an option to change it to white instead. There’s a tiny little control panel on the top right of the site. If the fonts are too small, tou can increase it. If you want more buzz, just switch to ‘buzzmania’. Cool stuff. Check it out!

Popular URLs
Collecting all the latest URLs

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