Unproductive Internet Usage And The Most Threatened IM In The World


scan safe

That is according to ScanSafe’s Global Threat Report on February 2007. Unproductive simply means that the sites visited are not in line with the work of the company. Unproductive sites include :

  • online chat
  • gambling
  • music
  • porn
  • dating & relationships
  • webmail

During sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Cup, gambling and sporting sites will top the list. ScanSafe saw a traffic increase of 77% in US based request to gambling and sporting sites during the week before Super Bowl.

The highly unnecessary internet usage risks the company to exposure of :

  • legal liability
  • disclosure of confidential information
  • breaches of compliance requirements
  • unnecessary bandwidth consumption

Did you know that MSN is the most threatened IM in the world? and it has been the No.1 since February 2006. A total of 54% of unique threats were blocked for MSN while 21% went to Yahoo.

Web security as a service

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