Sci-Edge : A Science Oriented Social Networking Site


Think of a MySpace or Friendster for geeks and you will get Sci-Edge. The intention to bring down the general scale to a science specific category benefits people of similar interests in many ways.


Above is a screenshot of how the main dashboard looks like. Users get to list down their all their favourite stuff such as movies, sites, bookmarks or even science events that are interesting.

When an user signs in he/she will automatically enter the ‘Admin’ view. That’s where the user get an overview of the entire account. Other preferences like the photo album, private messages, skins, wish lists, reminders, friends’ list and groups are located here. They even have a button for users to block other users annoying to them.

What are the benefits of sharing?

By sharing knowledge and information, everyone helps each other. This act will certainly promote a healthy environment of growth.

Like for example, if bloggers hadn’t share their knowledge about things they write about in their blog, surely it doesn’t help either one of us. Imagine life without ProBlogger, the ultimate guide for bloggers of all walks. No one would have grown past the blogging-about-daily-lives stage into blogging as a full time job.

As the saying goes, ‘The purpose of relationships is not happiness, but transformation’.

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Science oriented social networking site

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