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Yeap, no longer Beta. yeap, they’ve joined the race. It was announced on Sunday by Microsoft that the popular MSN Hotmail free web based email service is now fully upgraded. They were the first web mail service that I’ve signed up for, but I haven’t been using it since Yahoo and Gmail. =P Although I use MSN Messenger a lot, I don’t check mails with Hotmail. Anyway, they’ve sported several new features and security enhancements.

  1. Storage capacity increased from 1GB to 2GB of storage.
  2. Ability to customize own design and layout.
  3. Check out suspicious looking e-mails
  4. It gives me the feel of a web based Outlook
  5. A reading pane for previewing messages
  6. Ability to drag-and-drop objects everywhere
  7. Online integration with MSN Messenger

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Well, they are actually lucky to still have a user base of more than 280 million active accounts, which is about 2% of the market share. However, Yahoo Mail is still the most used online web mail service. Most of the features like drag and drop and a 2GB storage capacity have already been implemented by Yahoo! Currently, Live Hotmail users will have an option to remain using the old version. I guess that users with lower bandwidth capacity won’t do so well with Live Hotmail’s rich graphic interface. Somehow or rather, all users will be moved over to Live Hotmail. Maybe that’s the time when everyone’s using broadband.

Microsoft Delivers Hotmail Upgrade
Hotmail’s migration process begins

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