Free 2GB Online Backup


iDrive-E is one of the most user-intuitive backup applications and all you have to do is to download and install it on your computer and simply start using it to schedule files and folders to secure your backups. The 6 notable features are :

  • Automatic Backup
  • in 2 steps. Choose the folders, choose the time. Period.

  • Drag and Drop
  • drag and drop

  • File Versioning
  • file versioning
    Backup = keeping copies. It’s so much better when a list of 30 previous versions are backed up too, just in case.

  • Secure
  • iDrive-E uses 128-bit SSL encryption on all transfers and a 256-bit AES encryption on storage with an user defined key.

  • Get a FREE account
  • Try all the features. Use it for FREE without any backup or restore restrictions. Backup anything for 2GB.

  • Lightning Transfers
  • Max Bandwidth Utilization with no limits or file type restrictions keeps it fast and consistent.

I signed up for the free plan and I thought about what I could back up with 2GB. Then I realized that I could keep copies of my pictures and mp3s. I checked and the total size read 1.65GB. Immediately, I scheduled backups for the 2 folders and when a need for a larger backup arises, I could always opt for the UNLIMITED storage plan priced at just $4.95/month.

*sponsored review*

Online Backup
Free automated backups without a catch.

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2 thoughts on “Free 2GB Online Backup”

  1. You’re welcome. Surely it will be useful.

    Backing up is more important to people who have experienced crashes and losses of years of data.

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