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I’m a person who surfs a lot. And sometimes, there are websites that require us to key in our email address during registration. It’s kind of hard differentiate which site to trust and which not to. Trust as in keeping your email to themselves after registering and not make money out of it by selling it to others.

My hobby is surfing the web. And sometimes, I’m required by certain websites to enter my information before I can proceed further. Whether if it is just to view an article or to download a file, the email is usually required. Because of that, I get more than 30 spams daily in my inbox. Luckily Gmail knows how to filter most of the spam but there are still some which gets through into my inbox.

Now, I have DigitalSanctuary to thank. They came up with a temporary web based inbox generator where anyone can just create an inbox-ready email address for 10 minutes. Moreover it’s web based and so it’s OS independent. Just click on “Get my 10 Minute Mail e-mail address.” and you got it. If time is needed, you can extend it for an extra 10 minutes by clicking on the link provided.

Great, isn’t it? Now we can reduce spam that comes through our emails. =)

10 Minute Mail
When spam avoidance is priority

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