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Now here’s a web directory that has a new kind of concept that aims to showcase the best and most popular websites on the Internet. Sites are not ranked by traffic or Google PageRank but by the bid for placement dollars contributed to the listing. The obvious benefit from such a ranking system is getting indication of site’s traffic quality. It is an attraction point for advertisers to come and search for potential publishers.

Interested websites have only to pay a low one-time fee of USD$29.90. After that, anyone can add to the contribution to increase the ranking of a website. Note that listings are sorted by bid amount. If it’s high in ranking, it’s high in price.


Currently, there are 48 categories covered. From advertising to sports to travel and wedding, you can find it there. The top 10 sites are found at the front page, whereas the categories will show the top 20 of the page. If you can find a site over at BigWebLinks that you really enjoy surfing and have a dollar to spare, why not show some love and help promote it. I would, if only Blizzard Entertainment was in there. =P

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