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Let me see.. I first had the urge to register a domain name since university but didn’t know how. I always thought that I needed a credit card to purchase one online. Later, I found out that there were a lot of domain registrars out there who do bank transfers as well. That was the birth of my 1st homepage, I wanted the domain but it was already taken. I learned that most common names are usually unavailable. At the time, I was on my table eating a packet of Famous Amos cookies, and thus the name famouschris. Funny, isn’t it?

Anyways, I used to use these 2 sites to search for domain names.

  1. GoDaddy
  2. CheckDomain

No doubt they generated the results that I wanted but it’s kind of slow when you’re trying word by word for it. Usually it’s a two step process. Entering the word and pressing enter.

Guess what? I found a cooler site where the results are shown the second you type in an alphabet! Cool stuff! It shows the 6 common top level domain names which are .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us. Wanna register a domain name of your own? Then check this website out!

Just key in the word and see the results!

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