Instant Messenger Acronyms


Let’s be honest. We all use acronyms when we’re instant messenging. It makes life easier to talk to a few friends at the same time. Some people use it more often than others. I use it too but only a few repeated ones. Here are several of the most common acronyms that I use when I’m IM-ing with my friends.

  1. brb – be right back
  2. gtg – got to go
  3. asap – as soon as possible
  4. cu – see you
  5. omg – oh my god
  6. wth – what the hell
  7. ttyl – talk to you later
  8. lol – laugh out loud

AIM has compiled a dictionary of A – Z common acronyms used in instant messenging. I’ve checked it out and found a few useful acronyms that I’ll use in future conversations. How about you? What are your common acronyms? =)

AIM’s acronyms
A huge list of common acronyms

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