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Qunu is like a search engine. You enter your question or query, submit and get results. You might have entered a question that may have no expert in it, but you can ask ‘friendly’ available experts. Actually, all of them are volunteering their time and expertise for various reasons, but mainly so that you get a quick answer to the problem you’re currently experiencing. It’s different from others in the sense that it uses instant messaging to make the support realtime.


As the time of writing, the experts are mostly on programming languages. You may type a question there and end up not getting any help in it. So what I would suggest is to go to the directory of tags and click on a tag that you may find relevant to your question.

Help this potential site grow. Join the pool of expert. You may be good in ‘cooking fish n chips’ or ‘train a dog stop biting it’s tail’. What matters is the value of what you are able to offer. Anyway, I have signed myself up and you can find me by the tag of ‘writer’s block’.

Help me with..

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