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If you own a network of servers, printers, hubs, switches and other netwokring devices, you’ll be glad you read this. I was surfing as usual (actually that’s what i do everyday) and came across this network information management tool that is just awesome. No, it’s super awesome cause it’s FREE! Here’s a screenshot statistics of the assets in my network.


Here’s 5 reasons why this simple application rocks.

1. Lists the network hardware and software and generates the report to manage them.

Any device with an IP address will be scoured. Softwares, patches, and devices of the machine will then be read. Information such as expiry dates and license numbers plus searchable tags can easily be added to the inventory. Relax, as sensitive information is kept secure locally and there’s no need for agents in each machine. VMI, SSH and SNMP protocols are used to safely scan the network.

2. Supervises on low disk space, software issues and even low printer provisions.

Right after installing, I was warned on a low disk space issue in my C drive. Manual monitoring is possible with a few clicks and you can also set up email alerts. This point is more valuable to the needs of SMBs (Small Medium Businesses).

3. Reports on the condition of the network infrastructure.

Choose which report to generate. Examples are inventory summaries, low disk spaces, printers, copiers, etc. Export reports in PDF or Excel to share.

4. Trail known issues and manage work with tickets.

Manage devices and software with a ticket that is automatically attached to simplify work. It can be later used to sort and generate comparisons to track and isolate problematic machines.

5. Search for answers and information.

No one is expected to know everything so which is why there is a feature included that enables anyone to ask the Spiceworks community questions from anywhere on the Spaceworks Desktop. Relevent information is also presented to meet needs. There’s the ability to link directly to a vendor’s site to get the necessary patches and product.

Don’t listen to me. Just try it. Anyways, more than 15, 000 SMBs in the world are already using it.

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