4 Benefits of Surfing Anonymously


Lately, I have been using proxy servers to surf anonymously into controversial websites. Most of them are NSFW(Not Safe For Work) websites. Below are 4 main reasons why surfing anonymously is good.

  1. Added Security:
  2. Many Proxy Servers have filters that provide added security to the person that accesses websites through the server. As a consequence, malicious spyware and adware is stopped at the server and does not reach your PC. This provides additional security to firewalls and adware blocking software that may be installed on the PC, reducing to almost zero the possibility of unwanted attacks on your computer.

  3. Hiding your IP address:
  4. The first piece of information that is retrieved from any computer that accesses a website is its IP address. An IP address is assigned to you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) whenever you are surfing the web and this information, along with other data, can be retrieved from any website that has intentions of following a surfer’s habits. Additionally, websites can also know which websites you are surfing frequently and many internet organizations use this information for targeted marketing purposes. If, however, this information is retrieved by ill-intended persons, this information can even be used for direct attacks on your PC. By using an anonymous proxy server to access websites, none of this information is available to the website you are visiting. Even the fact that you are using a proxy server is in many cases hidden. This way, you can surf the internet without the risk of compromising your personal information.

  5. Access websites when a router is down
  6. Sometimes, equipment used on the internet may fail and you cannot access certain websites, or sometimes a whole IP range has trouble accessing the internet. In order to verify if the problem accessing a website is due to the fact that the website itself is down or if it is a problem with equipment, like a router, you can try accessing the site through an anonymous proxy server. By using one of these servers, the route you take to access the website is different than the one you would normally take by accessing it directly. This way, if internet equipment is failing, you will still be able to access the website through the proxy server.

  7. Faster access speeds to websites
  8. When you want to access a website through the proxy server, what the Proxy does is retrieve the website and downloads it to its cache, which is then delivered to you. However, when you finish browsing the site, the page will remain in the proxy’s cache. Thus, the next time you, or another web surfer, wants to access the website, the proxy will only have to check if there has been any changes to the site. Only the changes will then be downloaded to its cache and the rest of the site will be delivered to you directly from the proxy itself. This allows for faster access to sites that are regularly visited by either yourself or other persons, due to the fact that the proxy Server has this site stored in its cache and delivers it to you directly.

Anonymous Surfing
Benefits & issues of anonymity

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