Today’s Online File Storage


Created by a small team of people passionate on making web applications that blows, DropBoks. Believe it or not, this simple web tool gives each account holder a total of 1GB of space. No strings attached. Though each file uploaded has a maximum of 50MB, you can always split up larger files. The speed taken to upload a file is pretty impressive.

Another good thing is that you can upload any file format. Be it mp3s, family pictures, blog backup files.. anything.. really. And if you’d ever need to keep more than 1GB, creating another account is also another super simple task. Just your email, password, and agreement terms. I took only 10 seconds to create an account. 10 SECONDS. I love it.

And if you wanna upload a LOT of files together, you can with just a click of the mouse on the “+” sign below the upload textbox. I’ve already tried adding 20 over lines of textboxes to the page and no problem. Good stuff.

This site brings so much value to it’s users that I’m sure it’ll expand very fast. I’m not sure how their performance might be like in say, 6 months time. More people = more bandwidth. More bandwidth = more money. They’ve stated on their website that they hate ads. So revenue stream comes from donation by the users. Very generous of them. Let’s hope that they can continue to provide valuable service endlessly.

Here’s a screenshot of the super simple DropBoks :


Hope on over to DropBoks to check it out now! =)

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