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Web hosting. You can’t have your own website without a host. To start off, you gotta know the web hosting market before choosing one. It is important to know which is good and which is not. You gotta at least know the 7 important factors of choosing a webhost. There are also news sites out there dedicated to help people look for a webhost, like

They provide daily hosting news about

  1. dedicated web hosting server reviews
  2. hosting automations
  3. hosting billing
  4. private label resellers
  5. reseller webhosting
  6. hosting service addons
  7. priave label exchange
  8. blog web hosting
  9. co-location servers
  10. datacenters

I believe that the site will help people who are new to the web hosting scene. If I were a beginner, I would take the time and check out what sites like has to offer. The effort taken by the author to compare hosting plans is very much appreciated. It helps reduce time. One can also find hosting interviews done by the author. Every piece of work that brings value to the readers are pretty much appreciated.

Two of the latest addition to the site’s content are web hosting statistics and web hosting events. The best place to learn new things and discuss the future of the industry is from events. There are also people who attend events solely for the purpose of building networks. It is only at events, where we can speak directly to webmaster, SEO and SEM gurus. And thanks to TheHostingNews, you can keep up with events in your area.

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Dedicated servers and reseller hosting news

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