Hacked By Host To Upsell Security Package


“So, basically, I got hacked by my own host. No, it wasn’t a mistake. No, the server didn’t just go down. They hacked it so that they could upsell me on some $2000 security audit and package! So here is the evidence.”

Wow. What a story. What a lousy host. Earlier, I did a posting on choosing the top picked hosts by users. It will surely help to avoid situations like this. The guy mentioned above didn’t even have his website listed in google nor in the index of any other search directory. I guess I would also be suspicious on how would anyone hack a family website like his. It doesn’t piss anyone off and it is totally private.

He did a good job by finding out the IP of the person who logged into his account using ‘Webalizer’ (a component found in cpanel). Immediately he reported to the hosting company. They found out that there was this part time employee whose other job was at the very security company that was trying to sell the security product. The host gave a refund and offered to host 1 year for free but was declined.

I guess the moral lesson is to choose your host carefully. I like mine so far. =)

Hacked by Own Host! Be Careful!
The blog of the person who got hacked

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