Optimum Settings For The Average Monitor


PhotographerUSA has a webpage specifically made for us to check our screen for any colour disorientations. When doing the screen check over at their site, 2 things are considered. One is tone, the other is colour.

Firstly, the contrast and brightness of the screen is checked against the descending of pure white to pure black with near invisible line breaks in between. The recommended monitor setting for brightness and contrast is 100% Contrast, 25% Brightness.

Here , check if the contrast and bightness of the screen is synchronised. The brightness and contrast calibration page will help as a guide to adjust against. Examples of what it means by too dark or too bright is there for comparison.

The last thing on the Screen Check page is to note whether if the maxcimum colour available is being used. Monitors that are able to see smooth RGB spectrums without any breaks are using the maximum colour available. Computers unable to do so are advised to change their colour settings.

Happy optimizing!

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