How To Setup A Router


A router is a device that connects multiple networks together and forwards packets of data between them. In my house I have a D-Link DI-524 Wireless Router connected to the DSL modem. It has 4 wired LAN ports and a wireless antenna. Which means that I can connect to it using 2 ways, either wired or wireless. My PC uses the wired connection whereas the other 2 laptops around the house are using wireless. Before setting up any router, you’ll need to know these 2 information.

  1. Router IP
  2. The 3 most common router IP addresses are :


    Know that you can also check it out from the PC’s Local Area Connection Status.

  3. Default Router Passwords
  4. Get your default passwords easily over at routerpasswords.

My router has 4 outgoing ports for the PCs and 1 incoming port for the internet connection. If I had an always-on internet connection, I’ll just need to plug the internet cable in. However, I had to setup the router’s web configuration because I’m on dial up broadband.

Common home routers will have a wizard to help you to :

  • Set your new password
  • Set internet connection
  • Set wireless connection

If not, just look around for the ‘WAN’ page and set it up yourself. All you need to do is just enter your ISP login information like the username, password and connection settings. Then that’s it.

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