How To Fix Stuck Pixels On LCD Monitors


If you have a problem with pixels on a LCD monitor, look no further as I have found a solution! JScreen Fix has developed a nifty application in Java which is cross platform compatible. It means whether if you’re a UNIX, Linux or Mac user, you can fix your monitor’s stuck pixels.

Firstly, let’s get things clear. A stuck pixel is when the LCD displays the colour wrongly. Like this example

stuck pixel

A dead pixel means that the pixel is not responding at all. It should be black. Not lighted at all. Like this.

dead pixel

Today’s post will be focusing on stuck pixels. No harm trying if there are dead pixels.Who knows, it may work. Anyways, you can repair your stuck pixels easily by using the applet by JScreen Fix.

Just leave it at the dead pixel spot and you will see the difference after 20 minutes. If the problem is a screen burn (persistent images after a long time), it could take up to 6 hours to fix. But rest assured, stuck pixels WILL be fixed.

You can further check out the website as they also have applications specially developed for PDAs, mobile phones and other portable devices. Happy screen fixing!

J ScreenFix
Fix stuck pixels and screen burn ins

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