Basic Hardware Things To Know When The Computer Fails


  1. Windows Safe Mode
  2. You saw a cool program, downloaded and installed it. It asked for a restart. However, after restarting you couldn’t get back into Windows. There seem to be an error. You wanna get into Windows to undo the changes but don’t know how. Sometimes, even changing network configurations will make it impossible for you to get in. What do you do?

    Press F8.

    Pressing and holding on to F8 as the computer loads will enable you to choose safe mode. From there, you can enter your Windows using only the most basic settings. You are most likely to undo your mistakes.

  3. Additional information on computer POST / Beep Codes
  4. Each motherboard BIOS is programmed to emit a beep code to help us identify the problem at hand. There were days when I added RAM and changed graphic cards to my computer but couldn’t tell which was the one that I didn’t slot in properly. The BIOS would sometime give out long beeps, sometimes short beeps. It took me some time to learn the difference.

    Award BIOS
    Video problem = 1 long beep followed by 2 short beep
    RAM problem = Any other beep

  5. Access/Enter Motherboard BIOS
  6. Some computers load very fast at startup. Sometimes too fast until you can’t catch the command to enter the BIOS system. There would be times when you would want to change the time and dates / overclock the processor and RAM / rearrange the boot up sequence. Most computers I know uses Award BIOS. If you are using it too, just press the ‘Del’ key to make your changes. Michael Stevens has collected a list of common motherboard BIOS keyboard commands.

If all fails, bring it to a computer repair shop to help you diagnose the problem. At least you know what the beeps mean and won’t get cheated to buy unnecessary items. =)

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