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Where in the world can we get a free computer service to help us with our computer problems?

Well, lucky for us, there is hope in Computer Hope. Since 1998, it has been offering free technical support regardless of hardware, software and computer. I’m a hardware and software enthusiast myself and I often get questions and problems from friends and relatives about their computers. Some claim that their hardware is spoilt, unusable and that they need to buy a new one where in fact they really did not have to. Sometimes, while repairing a PC, I come across issues that I don’t know how to solve. I always use the trial and error method which takes up a lot of time. Now, I can save time!

There are four ways to use Computer Hope.

  • Search
  • Enter the search term and check the results. If the solution is still not found, move on to step 2.

  • Search Forums
  • Try searching again for the same term in the forums. The same problem may have been posted before by other forumers. If there’s still no specific answer, post a topic on it. Experienced forumers will help you out.

  • Chat with Technical Support
  • At the point of time when I joined the chat room, there was only a bot. I wrote something and waited for a reply but left after 5 minutes. This feature is extremely useful only if there’s a technical support person around.

  • Email
  • Email them. Get a personal answer to your question. Choose from 6 different departments to contact. This is the best as the conversation that you’re having is with a guru on your matter.

Computer Hope
Helping you solve computer problems

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