7 Things To Look Out For When Writing Articles And Posts

How do you do a blog post that is attractive? That is of high quality?

Rangit.com has been around since 2007. From the very first post written till the article you see now, many things have changed. Plenty of blog writing mistakes were made and I’m glad they happened. It’s a long learning process and I would like to share with you what I have learned so far. Below are seven ways I’ve experienced through blogging that has helped this blog be what it is today.

  1. Start with the end in mind.
  2. finish line

    This is habit no.2 of Stephen Covey’s Habits of Highly Effective People. It is so important to know how the article is supposed to look like, how the points are arranged, etc. Once it is clear, you will then know what to focus on and everything will fall into place at the end.

  3. Images.
  4. little girl dslr

    As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It improves the value of the article by invoking feelings and getting the point across to readers.

  5. Title.
  6. headline

    The single most important thing that draws readers to read the written article. It’s the one line summary that appears in social media, search engines and rss feeds. Including numbers and interesting words like “Top 25 Linux Games” or “140 Faces Of Well Known Bloggers You Won’t Want To Miss” increases the appeal even more. More example titles here.

  7. URL.
  8. url

    To search engines, the URL is more valuable than the article title. You may construct your title attractively but keep the URL short. Like for example, the title may be “7 Things To Look Out For when Writing A Blog Post” but the URL should be keyword rich like “http://rangit.com/blogs/how-write-title-post-article-attractive”, omitting out irrelevant words like ‘to’, ‘for’, ‘when’, ‘and’.

  9. Spacing.
  10. lists

    Keep paragraphs less than 10 sentences. Or less 5 is possible. Also, include lists. A list simplifies information and readers are able to scan through easily as compared to picking out from a block of text. Readers will know how long the content is especially if it’s a numbered list.

  11. Research.
  12. book shelf

    The content of what you are going to write may already have been published by many people before you. Read theirs. Find out what they are missing and include it when writing your own article. Get ideas from the comments section of their article.

  13. Originality equals personality.
  14. mischievous

    It shows honesty and genuineness. Also, humor and mischief is stylish and attractive in its own way. Yep, a pretty good example is thesuperficial.

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