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Now here’s a cool online based blog backup system by Techrigy. Blog backup is very important because in the event your content is lost, having the ability to restore it is critical. Furthermore, being able to store your blog backup anywhere, export it, and transfer it to any platform provides security and convenience. The project is currently in beta testing and have several limitations like :

  1. 50 MB limit
  2. I have just fully backed up 3 of my blogs and they take up only 1.63MB of space. The total number of articles are less than 300. Don’t panic if you hit 50MB. To get more space allocation, all you need to do is just send them an email at

  3. The famous 10
  4. If you use any of the below blog platform, you qualify for free backups.

    1. Blogger
    2. WordPress
    3. TypePad
    4. Friendster
    5. LiveJournal
    6. Serendipity
    7. Windows Live Space
    8. Movable Type
    9. Terapad
    10. Vox
    11. Multiply

  5. Switch Blog Platforms
  6. Want to move to a better blog platform? Do it easily using the ‘Restore’ feature. If you are using Joomla and want to migrate to WordPress, here’s a nifty script modified by me.

  7. Images & Videos
  8. Look out for the image and video backup support. They will be out pretty soon.

Blog Backup Online
Secure, store and transfer blogs

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